Healing and Gratitude

**Trigger Warning - Death of a child, grief, trauma.** - - - - Death visited me at a young age. When I was three years old my baby sister Brenda Simone died when she was just 5.5 months old after contracting meningitis. I don't remember a lot about that time. But I do remember seeing her … Continue reading Healing and Gratitude


Imaginary friends and Parkour

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend. She was a girl who looked like me, and her name was Champion Girl (I know, weird, but bear with me!) Champion Girl had a specific purpose. She served to make me better....at anything I was doing. You see, I have always been quite a … Continue reading Imaginary friends and Parkour

(Not so) Great Expectations…

Expectations... They can sabotage our thoughts and our actions with their lingering presence. They are the irritating mosquito buzzing around our ear at night that just won't quit. They are that merciless song that gets stuck in our head; we try to ignore, but it just keeps persisting! They loom, they loiter, they lurk - suffocating us with their relentless … Continue reading (Not so) Great Expectations…