Dear Edward

To Dear perfect precious Edward,

I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet you here on this earth little one, but I love you all the same.

I take solace knowing that you always knew comfort and warmth in your perfect mother’s womb.

Lulled to sleep by the soft beat of her heart.

Comforted by the daily sounds of your beautiful family.

Their voices felt like home to you.

Their precense, a warm blanket of safety and security.


When your fun loving, gentle and dedicated Father embraced your Mother, caressed her stomach, and said ‘I love you’. You received that love.

When your bold, adventurous and loving big sister pressed her delicate and grubby hands upon your Mummy’s tummy and said ‘hello baby’. You received that love.

When your compassionate, loyal and beautiful Mum stroked her stretched skin so lovingly, saying ‘I am here little one’, letting you know she was right there. You received that love.

You felt completely and utterly wrapped in nothing but pure, fierce unconditional love.

Every day and every night, you received that love.

And they received yours.

An unstoppable force, that flows through every part of your beings, intertwining, neverending, into each other.

That love is eternal. It knows no bounds, no restrictions, no endings.

It will live within every part of your soul and theirs. And mine. And inside of every one who loves you.

This love will be what holds your Mum and Dad through their unbearable grief.

It will be what shatters their hearts in to a billion pieces.

And it will also be what slowly and sometimes so painfully, brings those pieces back together.

Their hearts, forever changed, never quite the same.

But always and forever, through this lifetime, and whatever comes next, holding the deepest and most powerful love just for you.

Dear precious, perfect Edward.

I love you so much. And I promise to hold your family through their grief, now and always.

Thank you so much for being part of our lives. I am so sad it was only for the briefest time, but your impact and influence will be neverending.

May your spirit be free and with joy.

Lots and lots and loads of love from your Aunty Paula

P.S. Give your Aunty Brenda a big hug from me 💚

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