Far too often…

Far too often…

Far too often the oppressed are not consulted. The minority groups are kept out of the conversation. The decisions are made for them, without them.

Far too often the policies, and enquiries, and initiatives are created and implemented, without any significant involvement from the very groups they are designed to help.

Far too often the decision makers sit comfortably; wrapped safe and warm in their privilege. The privilege they cannot see or feel because they have worn it their whole life. It blinds them to the plight of the others around them. The others pain – their suffering, their struggles, their yearning, their fight.

Their fight for things they shouldn’t have to fight for, and yet they do….every single day.

Fighting for acceptance, for respect, for equality, for safety…simply to be themselves.

Their courage inspires me. To do better, to be braver, to speak up, to teach my children to stand up for what’s right.

I acknowledge my own part – I confront my privilege, and I explore my conditioning.

I promise to listen – to read your words, to hear your stories, and to learn as much as I can about your fight.

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