Embracing excitement

One of my favourite feelings is excitement. It is an exquisite mix of happines, joy, and anticipation. It is innocent and thrilling and childlike.

I have a memory from when I was probably about 8 or 9. I was all ready to go to a birthday party; I was sitting in the car in my favourite dress, and my excitement level was palpable. I felt like my insides were going to explode out of me, and I could barely contain it. The anticipation felt immense…my stomach was in a knot of frantic little butterflies, all wanting to get to that party.

My Dad was sitting in the drivers seat, about to start the engine. He paused and looked over at me. I’m sure he could feel the energy bursting from my being – how could he not?! He smiled, tickled my shoulder, and started singing “I’m so excited…..and I just can’t hide it.” (You know that song by The Pointer Sisters?!) And I giggled and beamed back at him, bouncing in my seat, thrilled to share my excitement with him.

I don’t remember the party that followed, but I remember that feeling, and I remember my Dad sharing it with me, nourishing me with that connection. It is a simple, but precious memory.


I have learned to supress my excitability as the years have passed because, well, that’s generally what adults do. But I still get that all consuming, excited feeling, and the beauty of having children, now means I have the perfect little people to share the fervour…unashamedly!

Like when I am outside on a windy day; I face the wind and stretch my arms out to the sides. I could be flying. The wind rolls over my body and blasts my face; it’s like an electric current charges through me.  I feel exhileration as I run and spin and jump and squeal. I can’t help but smile, and feel immense joy and happiness. The kids run and dart around me, their little faces sparkling with delight.

Or when I watch a super hero movie. Yep, I love superhero movies, especially the action sequences! The other day I found myself getting completely caught up in the excitement while watching a Batman movie with the kids. I noticed the giddy feelings build up and swirl around in my stomach as Batman revealed more and more awesomness, driving through Gotham City in his badass batmobile! I completely embraced it as the kids and I gasped and whooped and sqealed whilst marvelling at the caped crusader.

And sometimes I just pick up on a bit of a buzz in the air, or see a twinkle in one of the kids eyes, and I get a rush of excitement…a feeling inside that just has to escape with a burst of movement or noise.

Like a few nights ago, under the stars, we unleashed the excitement and created precious memories.

We ran, and jumped, and cartwheeled, and sqealed, and leapt just because…well we couldn’t contain ourselves. And what’s the point of feeling something so fun if you can’t express it?!

So I’m embracing my excitement, whose with me?

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